The Delicatelove brand stands for feminine and timeless
Clothing. Women should feel comfortable in our looks – in all of them
Life situation. Because when you feel good, you radiate self-confidence.

At the same time, our goal is to have a positive one
to have an impact on the environment
. We believe in quality and we promote it
the attitude “Choose consciously, buy more sensibly”.

Fair working conditions and equality
For us, gender is non-negotiable.

As a company, we have an obligation to...
to further develop and continually improve our standards. We are the
strongly believe that transparency is crucial. In the
In today's world, it is our ethical duty as a contemporary fashion brand
to take a more sustainable approach in order to be successful in the long term.

Delicatelove strives to improve its processes - from the
Production, packaging, the supply chain and day-to-day
Business operations - continuously adapt so that we can achieve our goals in the long term
Reduce ecological footprint to make a positive contribution to the environment and
to provide climate protection.


For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword,
but rather determines our daily actions in all areas. Sustainability is
More than a core topic, it is a topic close to the heart that is constantly evolving.

More information will follow and we look forward to it
You accompany us on our journey.


Every product we make is carefully selected
designed with high-quality materials and serves as a versatile basis for
effortless styling all year round.

To extend the life of our garments,
We ask that you follow the care and washing instructions recommended here.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) are goals of the United Nations (UN),
which serve to ensure sustainable development worldwide on an economic, social and ecological level.

The SDGs were defined as part of the 2030 Agenda.

Delicatelove has selected 4 goals that are particularly relevant and important to us.

All other sustainability goals are also taken into account in our work.

We focus on:

#5 gender equality,

#8 Decent work and economic growth

#12 Sustainable consumption and production

#13 Climate protection measures

Our Agenda 2030:

Delicatelove has set clear goals that must be achieved by 2030.

We will report regularly on our progress here and on our social media channels.

-50% greenhouse gas emissions VS 2022 (-90%
SCOPE 1 & 2, -50% SCOPE 3)

-50% water consumption and pollution vs 2022

25% production relocation to the EU

100% fair and appropriate working conditions
within the organization and with our suppliers

-75% less waste

We are committed to supporting women with regard to equal pay and promote training
as well as training and further education.

We contribute 1% for the planet to the restoration of ecosystems.

We are also pleased to be taking part in the UN “Race to Zero”. LOGO Race to